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  Omega-3 Oil:

Pur Evolution seal oil contains three sources of Omega-3 (DHA, DPA, EPA). DPA, found only in seal oil, acts in symbiosis to maximize the assimilation and benefits of Omega-3.  

- Healthy skin and coat, minimizes hair loss

- Anti-inflammatory 

- Mobility and joint health

- Contributes to a strong immune system

- Maintains cognitive 

- Cardiovascular support

Choice of colors for the outside of the wheel:

Choice of colors of TFL panels for the structure:

- 100% Natural and pure

- Limited oxidation and optimized storage time: When the oil is stored as recommended, it is naturally the most stable and can be stored safely for longer. 

- Very light odor and taste 

- The only oil to offer omega-3 in DPA form 

- Made, refined and bottled in Canada! 

- Higher absorption rate and quickly assimilated

- Safe choices for cats with allergies to fish products and for sensitive stomachs.


The perfect supplement to mix with your cat's raw food! 

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