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Zenbox by Mobilicat 

Delivery time: 6 weeks

Delivery in Quebec and Ontario.  For delivery somewhere else in Canada or internationally, please contact for an estimate of shipping cost.

Developed by a Bengal breeder with 14 years of experience.

Includes a therapeutic cushion. It can helps to prevent the onset of flat chest syndrome, when used from birth*. Did you know? Flat chest syndrome usually develops within 4-10 days of age. This syndrome is often fatal or can compromise a cat's quality of life depending on the severity. The round bumps cause the kitten to lie either on its side or in one of the slots, thus preventing ventral compression of the rib cage. The perfect amount of padding provides ultra-soft support and minimizes pressure on rib cages. Tested and perfectioned for years in a Bengal cattery, a breed known to produce occasional flat chest kittens. 

  • Ultra soft and comforting faux fur cushion. Helps to keep the litter warm. Machine washable.

  • A PVC panel is slipped inside the cushion to hold it in place and prevent the cat from scratching the cushion and accidentally smothering her kittens.

  • Handles allow to move the box easily.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for storage.

  • The lid is easy to open for a quick access to the mother and her litter.

  • Removable and interchangeable front. Several possible configurations depending on the age of the kittens and the degree of privacy desired.

  • Possibility to insert a heating pad inside de cushion.

  • Entirely manufactured and developed in Quebec, Canada.

  • High quality materials that are easy to clean.

  • A comfortable cat will have less complication at birth and will take better care of her litter.

*Disclamer: There is no scientific study to support this and it does not replace the advices of your veterinarian. However,  the cushion has been tested for years in a bengal cattery, a breed prone to flat chest syndrome, resulting in an absence of symptoms in kittens, when used from birth. It will not cure an existing condition.

Possible configurations:

In a few seconds, transform your Zenbox according to the desired privacy and the age of the kittens.

Optional accessories:

  • Cushion for the top of the box (coming soon)

  • Walkway with carpet to allow the kitten to climb to the top of the box.  Also serves as a scratching post.

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